Skye Automation Inc.

Skye Automation Inc. is a solutions partner for advanced automation technologies.
We provide products and services to achieve better manufacturing results for your
process or new machine design. Call us for safety, electro-mechanical, controls,
sensing, and inspection support. Backed by progressive, industry leading
component manufacturers, we provide you with solutions to achieve higher
throughput and better quality in a safe working environment.

About us

Panasonic Robotic Laser Marker Demo IMTS 2014

AIA advancing vision + imaging Member


Product Highlight:

Lenze i500The new Lenze i500 series inverters have been designed with the latest technology in view and an unprecedented 600,000 hours MTBF. Simply add what you need for your application:


  • Communication protocol
  • STO inputs
  • Wireless communication
  • Programming keypad

The next generation of AC inverter has arrived. Contact us for more details.




Skye Automation Inc. has been recognized by the AIA global association for vision
information as a leader in the technological advancement of vision solutions as a finalist in their startup competition.

Motion Controls

Lenze Fast Programming Software

At Skye Automation, we listen to your needs, work with your team, and support the complete integration of your system.  Our controller selection will provide an excellent cost/performance balance for the application, offer fast machine startup, and seamless integration of your automation components.  Regardless of the level of complexity required.

Running Kinematics in Your Motion Control System

In today’s advanced manufacturing environment, you’d have a difficult time finding a production facility that has not implemented a robotic system into their process. Robotics have had a tremendous impact on the ability for manufacturers to gain higher repeatability, higher precision, and higher throughput, as well as a safer working environment, while at the same time reducing overall cost to produce the same products.Although these benefits are clear from the outset, a new level of robotics in the integration of complex automation is happening today.

Skye Automation Inc for networked solutions

  • Flexible network topology

  • Increased availability

  • Functional safety deeply integrated

  • Uniform integration on fieldbus systems

Skye Automation Inc for networked solutions

  • EtherCAT is the fastest technology for industrial Ethernet
  • More cost-effective
  • EtherCAT is a step toward a simplified automation through comprehensive Ethernet solutions

Skye Automation Inc for networked solutions

  • One Network for All Systems
  • Its scalability and its capability to integrate all systems
  • Simple software confi guration when setting up a network, and is indispensable for reliable service