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Skye Automation Inc.

Skye Automation Inc. is an automated solutions provider for controls, electro-mechanical, safety, machine vision and sensor applications. Representing a limited number of manufacturer's offers us the opportunity to truly be specialists for these products. Offering our customers the highest degree of service and technical support.

Vision system classifies wood into species

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In North America, Spruce-Pine-Fir lumber is the construction method of choice for many single-family homes due to its competitive cost, strength, light weight, and ease of cutting and nailing. Spruce-Pine-Fir - or SPF - lumber is a group consisting of four species of Canadian trees......

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Specialists for vision software solutions

Skye Automation Inc. is a partner to improve your manufacturing process. Through machine vision and advanced control systems, we provide an integrated solution to enhance your productivity.  Do you need a more comprehensive way to ensure quality, throughput, and manufacturing uptime? 

We provide methods to provide all of these, with seamless integration into your existing process

Product and Solution We Provide.

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Silicon Software is a globally recognized technology leader in the development and programming of image processing boards and individual OEM products with FPGA processors. We realize solutions in the field of real-time image processing and industrial use.

Our product portfolio currently covers following product series:

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Visual Applets

Award-winning VisualApplets software enables graphic programming of FPGA vision processors using flowchart, allowing hard- and software programmers to implement demanding and time-sensitive applications on FPGA hardware within minutes.

VisualApplets Expert enables advanced users to easily import existing HDL code from VHDL and Verilog into VisualApplets and to further work with them as generic operators. Operators created on their own can be added to the custom library. With Expert, it is additionally possible to debug the design under runtime condition and to set paths to parameters in hierarchical structures

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Demanding vision tasks such as precision measurement require zero distortion telecentric lenses. Opto Engineering® provides the best components from the machine vision world covering almost every possible need in precision telecentric optics: wide range of high to low magnifications, classic and extremely compact designs like the TC4K FLAT and TC CORE series, standard or long working distances, fixed or variable magnifications like the TCZR and TCDP PLUS series, lenses with Scheimpflug adjustment for 3D applications as well as telecentric lenses with integrated coaxial illumination. Click here for more info.


Lighting can be considered as one of the most critical elements of a vision system: incorrect illumination choice may result in extensive and time consuming software pre-processing or, in the worst case, in crucial information loss.

Opto Engineering lighting solutions, from standard to custom products, are the result of our optical knowledge and are designed keeping in mind our guiding principle “simple works better”: optimized illumination is in fact a key factor to achieve stable and repeatable results without extensive and time consuming image processing.Click here for more info.