We develop injection molding automation solutions to meet a large variety and complexity of application needs.  For those looking for innovative ways to reduce operational costs, improve current processes, minimize cycle times, and error proof their products, we have become the preferred choice for clients that start working with us.  Our strict focus to process improvements that create value for your business is our core competency.

Advantages of developing or optimizing
an Automated Injection Molding System

Better machine utilization and uptime
Lower cycle times
Less downtime
Lower operator cost
Reduced labour costs
Safer overmolding transfer
Maintenance of target resin temperature
Accurate insert placement
Consistent shot size, injection pressure
Consistent cycle time
Parts are far less vulnerable to damage in the post mold phase
Reduced RMA and return costs
Better machine / human cooperation
Reduced operator intervention
Far less material waste and material cost
Lower costs create competitive advantage
Safer for operators
Operators are not taking actions that cause repetitive stress injuries
High part-to-part consistency

Places in the injection molding process where automation can improve your results:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Vision inspection and Quality Control
  • Assembly Sorting / Stacking
  • Secondary Processes
Secondary Applications in Process

  • Trimming and deburring (sprues and runners)
  • Bonding, welding and other adhesive processes
  • Organization of products for subsequent steps
  • Clean room automation
  • Application of sealants and coatings
  • Labelling, wrapping and palletizing

Loading and Unloading 

Among the fundamental advantages of automated injection molding is in the material handling once the mold opens. Often freshly molded parts are delicate and can be easily  deformed. Robotic systems with vacuum-based collection systems can gentle pick up a part without compromising the shape or damaging the part, more safely and more easily than a human operator.

Contact an Injection Molding Automation Specialist

You’re using expensive equipment to make, in some cases penny parts.  Downtime, bad parts and maintenance threaten your economic model.  

We analyze your model to see if there is a business case for transitioning to using  automation or optimizing your existing automation process:

Work with you to calculate the potential value of improvement in efficiency, material costs, utilization and support labour.

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