Just Some of the Solutions We're Proud of:

High Speed Wood Species Identification

Quality control in the lumber industry starts with the accurate sorting of species.  Until now, wood sorting had to be done by a human being after applying expensive chemicals to the wood. Without accurate sorting systems, product waste is also nearly impossible to control. To improve the accuracy of sorting, the right hardware had to be selected and a unique software solution had to be engineered from the ground up.

Consumer Goods Manufacturing

How can brands like Revlon, Rolex and Apple charge top dollar for highly commoditized products?   Your marketing begins with your advertising and ends with the perfect delivery of your product.  Brand identity is irrevocably tied to the quality of the product you produce.  Skye Automation is your source for quality control systems you can count on.

Metal Process and Manufacturing

RMA and RGA returns between departments and companies are a tragic and needless waste of time, and human and material resources.

Whether you are delivering to an outside supply chain or another part of your company, you need to be able to measure and respond to quality variations in your raw material.

Remove defects where they matter: before they’re shipped.