Flexible Feeder and Sorter

350mm Edge $0.00
Frontlight $1,870.00
Combo back/front lights $2,750.00
500mm $350.00
Backlight $200.00
Frontlight $1,970.00
Combo back/front lights $2,850.00
KR6 R700 Robot $4,500.00
500mm Edge $2,550.00
650mm $3,550.00
800mm $8,000.00
KUKA KR3-R540 $0.00
KUKA KR6-R700 $4,500.00
Conveyor Tracking Software, Flexibowl and Robot integration $5,850.00
Pneumatic gripper or vacuum pick head standard $0.00
Programmable electric gripper $5,625.00
Fixed end-of-arm-tool standard $0.00
Master and robot EOAT changer with rack $3,500.00
Standard configuration I/O $0.00
Euromap 67 with pre-wired connector and programming $2,450.00
Euromap 73 with pre-wired connector and programming $2,450.00
Euromap 78 with pre-wired connector and programming $2,450.00


The base SkyeFlex system is a pre-built vision guided flexible automation cell. It can be easily integrated into any number of applications or larger projects, offering a high degree of flexibility to your manufacturing process. With expansion capabilities utilizing advanced machine vision software, the SkyeFlex feeding system is ready to be deployed into a applications such as quality sorting, parts feeding into secondary processes, assembly automation, etc.