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Machine Vision Services

The success of a machine vision application is subject to many variables. 

At Skye Automation Inc. we validate your application before making a recommendation on the hardware and software to achieve the best reliability of your system.

When you work with Skye Automation Inc for your machine vision needs, you are never left on your own.  We work with you until your system is running.

Our Services

Metrology Inspection – Custom Vision Solution



When a leading metrology company could not produce the accuracy of measurement required, Skye Automation developed a custom vision solution to achieve better than +/- 10 arc-seconds angle measurement.  The system was concepted in conjunction with the end user to define the system operation and developed for 10’s of thousands of dollars less than other options.


Automated Vision Solution – Robotic Inspection

This vision solution is part of an injection mold system that has improved productivity by 361% with 1/4 of the labour and provides 100% inspection quality.  How will vision improve your process?  Partners with Skye Automation Inc. rely on our expertise and support for providing the correct solution to meet their system demands.

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Skye Automation Inc. is an automated solutions provider for controls, electro-mechanical, safety, machine vision and sensor applications. Representing a limited number of manufacturer’s offers us the opportunity to truly be specialists for these products. Offering our customers the highest degree of service and technical support.