“When under pressure to get our machine running, Skye Automation provided the technical support required in a timely and professional manner.  Our machine was operational in 2 days with the on-site support of one of the specialists.”

Mike Lovie

Bluewater Pipe

“We have used Skye Automation for help on integration and troubleshooting our existing vision systems.  His familiarity of this system led to using Skye Automation to prototype a new vision system for a new machine that encompasses a wide variety of products of different sizes and dimensions.  Any time we’ve had issues or questions with the new or old systems, Skye was able to dial in and assist remotely.  We look forward to working with Skye Automation in the future.”

Mike McDaniel


“I could not recommend Skye Automation enough. In our case we knew our next automation cell required some technology and design improvements over previous cells and some would even say we took a huge risk. However, the Skye Automation team gets it done. Were there hiccups? Absolutely. But in the end, these guys exceeded our expectations. I look forward to having them provide us additional automation in the future, as well as seeing this company improve automation technology for their customers within the injection molding industry. “ 

Todd Edwards

Operations Manager, Innotech Precision Inc

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