We NEVER lose sight of the purpose of automation.

When done right, automation lowers operating costs and delivers consistent, predictable results. Stable manufacturing processes let you focus on your business.
We bring your manufacturing process to new levels of speed, quality, and consistency. From design to integration, we deliver the most sophisticated and reliable systems available. Our experienced technicians, use a combination of curated hardware and software solutions. Our history of integration successes ensures the delivery of reliable and GUARANTEED RESULTS.

It’s much easier to stay ahead than to catch up.

Reverse-engineering the competitor successes  will only position you as a follower. You are further ahead to work towards a future vision informed by a clear strategy. In doing so you remain a leader in your industry while your competitors struggle to keep pace.

10X is easier than 2X

When you commit to doing something two times better, you have to work two times harder. When you commit to doing something 10x better, you must transform your thinking.
Conversations with clients start with a discussion of maintenance or incremental improvement. As we talk, our clients begin to reframe their operational assumptions. In the end, we unlock the true potential of their processes.

Chinas days of dominating manufacturing may be over soon.

In the coming decades, China could begin to lose it’s dominance in manufacturing. This sea-change will be thanks to the coordination of robots and human operators. Domestic demand for locally-produced products will increase. Participating local manufacturing will usher in the final phase of the industrial revolution.
We expect to see the creation of many agile, low waste manufacturing operations. Boutique shops will lower the costs of custom and mass-produced parts. Small operations will respond to changing demands without relying on exploitative, cheap labor. The Industrial Automation industry will improve the workplace safety and quality of life for billions of people.

We say “Yes” when everyone else says “Impossible”!