Skye Automation Inc. is an automated solutions provider for controls, electro-mechanical, safety, machine vision and sensor applications. Representing a limited number of manufacturer’s offers us the opportunity to truly be specialists for these products, offering our customers the highest degree of service and technical support.


Aaron DiBenedetto- Project Management
(he fixed our fork truck- God bless him!) Having freshly returned from a 5 year foray on the west coast, Aaron is a new hire but an old friend. His background in shop management be an absolute boon to Skye Automation, as Aaron will take over the task of managing projects as well as purchasing. His background in several different trades will also equip him to assist in machine building and assembly. His willingness to join our team is what I can only describe as serendipitous. Our biggest challenge will be to not call him A-A-Ron (Key and Peele fans- am I right? If confused, please google. And you’re welcome.)


Thomas Koloszar- Machine shop manager
(wizard of alchemy) With more decades of experience than is polite to say, this powerhouse has single-handedly built the new machine shop from the ground up. His technical expertise along with his strong business skills are assets that are indispensable in this business. With our new CNC machine now powered up, Thomas is chomping at the bit to get in there and put it to work. We know that with his years of experience, he will soon be making that machine sing. And we can all attest that the Paprikash he brought in for us all was amazing, but we hear his Goulash is to die for… (where is this goulash of which you speak, Thomas? Hmmm??? Where is it???)

Skye Gorter – El Presidente and Solutions Lead
(the newly bearded face of Skye Automation). We’re still trying to figure out what exactly it is that Skye does. Whatever he is doing is now in his new office, where he is able to stare all day at the face of his most beautiful wife. His skill set runs the gamut from technical project management to picking up a torque wrench to programming drives. But it seems to be working, because in the past seven+ years, he has managed to create a lineup of happy and oft returning customers that respect and value his work ethic, drive and completed solutions. And recently, he has been pleasantly surprised (and proud) of his accomplishment of growing a half-decent beard. It has been said, Beard and success both grow with patience. Slow clap….

Andrew Locke – Controls Design
(lead robotics programmer) Skye Automation is so happy to have Andrew Locke as part of our team. With a background in Control Engineering Technology, and a list of certifications as long as your arm, he has settled in quickly, and has made himself an invaluable asset to the company. His ability to patiently and effectively work through a complex problem is rare to see in someone so young. His ability to eat anything he wants, non-stop throughout the day is the wonderment and envy of us all. I have grown to suspect a possible tapeworm situation. The mother in me is concerned. The dieter in me is extremely jealous.

Andrew Walmsley – Mechanical Engineering Manager
(Sad note: these engineers do NOT drive trains) With 30+ years’ experience, Skye Automation is thrilled to have Andrew Walmsley accept a position as our Mechanical Engineering Manager. We are in constant amazement with his analytical thinking and ability to predict potential complications. And his collaborative management style is respected by all- guidance that encourages autonomy. Not only is he not afraid of difficult projects, but thrives on the words, “This has never been done before.” This is our kind of guy. (Just don’t bring up the future of electric vehicles…yikes!)

Ravi Ramani- Electrical Engineer
(he speaks FOUR languages!!!)
Armed with an impressive CV, Ravi comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Engineering from his home country, India and more recently, with a Master’s in Engineering in AIMS (Analytical Instruments, Measurement and Sensor Technology) from Coborg, Germany. He is fitting in nicely as our electrical specialist and has also turned out to be a most proficient programmer. And a huge congratulations as this summer Ravi and his lovely wife are expecting their first baby. I will leave you with one of the best pieces of parenting advice from an unexpected source. About babies:
They eat, they crap, they sleep, and if they’re crying, they need to do one of the three and they’re having trouble doing it. Real simple. -Matthew McConaughey

Jacob Migneault (Pronounced Min-YO for the Anglophones)
Industrial Design

(from his cozy home office to our office)
It is with great fortune that we were able to woo Jacob over to Skye Automation. I wasn’t sure how we could compete with his former job where before he was able to work from home. But here he be. Another Stirlingite (or should it be Stirlingian- nope- doesn’t sound right either) this designer started his career in Toronto after graduating from Humber. (maybe Stirlingese???) We are thrilled that he has jumped in with both feet and is spearheading our largest project to date. We are thrilled to have Jacob as part of our team. In his spare time, Jacob designs and fabricates beautiful custom leather products. It may be noted that as office personnel, I did not receive any such leather gift on Administrative Assistant’s Day. However, Mother’s Day is coming up soon. And I am after all, someone’s mom. Ahem…perhaps there will be a little something ready for me then, eh Jacob??

Rachel Gorter

Rachel Gorter – General Manager
(chief cook and bottle-washer)
With a proven track record raising 4 daughters, Rachel’s organizational and managerial skills keep Skye Automation moving in the right direction. What kind of an office manager is Rachel? Dedicated? Invaluable? Actually, most just say adequate, however, I would like to point out that we have ALWAYS had coffee in the kitchen, and we have NEVER been without TP in the loos. (Fun fact: the expression “loo” for bathroom came from the French shout of “regarde de l’eau!!” –which means “watch out for the water!” -that was the custom to shout as people dumped their chamber pots out the windows of their apartments. Um, yeah. Not cool, right?)

Rachel Gorter

Nejma Latheef- Programmer
(my sista from another mista)
That was probably unprofessional…Apologies. Moving on…
As thrilling as it is for me to have another female in the office, it is Nejma’s technical proficiency with programming and attention to detail that makes her such a boon to Skye Automation. Having graduated in India with a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering, and with over a decade of work experience overseas, she has recently finished her post-graduate diploma in Cyber-Security from Loyalist College and settled close by. And as yet another Stirlinger, (yes, that’s the one!!) she is thrilled to have such a brief commute to the office. The down side is evident when there is a snow storm… Unfortunately, there is no “snow day” for those who can walk in.

Ryan Buckley- Machinist
(surprised us as a quiet comedian)
With his career starting out as a pattern maker (not the Butterick kind, ladies), Ryan moved easily through assembly, welding and eventually machining, collecting a cornucopia of experience along the way. Right from the first day here, Ryan has impressed us with his skill and precision with regard to his metal work. (From what he has created thus far, he is the Michelangelo of TIG welding. If you don’t know what TIG welding is, it’s…um, it’s, er…really, really hard.) His determination to achieve such highly precise parts results in highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing machinery. Having legal British citizenship, his “sometimes” accent lends an air of sophistication to our motley crew. And when he came in this week with his new “spring haircut”, we barely recognized him!

Rachel Gorter

Scott Tooley- Robotics support
(willing and most able)
With a background in the trades, primarily welding, Scott’s interest in robotics was the impetus for him to begin learning the science of robotics programming. Along with his mechanical, electrical skills, (nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills) he is a self-taught automated cell designer and programmer. From his first day here, he has jumped in to assist us in completing a complex, long-running project that will bring much satisfaction to the customer. An avid hockey player, he also frequently enjoys watching the games on TV, although oddly enough, he seems loath to commit to an actual favourite team. Hmmm, interesting, n’est ce pas?

“When under pressure to get our machine running, Skye Automation provided the technical support required in a timely and professional manner.  Our machine was operational in 2 days with the on-site support of one of the specialists.”

Mike Lovie

Bluewater Pipe

“We have used Skye Automation for help on integration and troubleshooting our existing vision systems.  His familiarity of this system led to using Skye Automation to prototype a new vision system for a new machine that encompasses a wide variety of products of different sizes and dimensions.  Any time we’ve had issues or questions with the new or old systems, Skye was able to dial in and assist remotely.  We look forward to working with Skye Automation in the future.”

Mike McDaniel


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