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With over twenty years serving the manufacturing industry by assessing needs, identifying appropriate solutions and implementing mechatronic systems, Skye Gorter has developed singular expertise in the automation field. In 2015, he established Skye Automation Inc. with the commitment to develop partnerships with his customers in providing financially feasible solutions using quality products that he has thoroughly researched. His dedication to this goal has resulted in Skye Gorter becoming one of the leading automation and vision specialists in North America.

Using her organizational and planning skills, Rachel Gorter has been instrumental in establishing Skye Automation Inc. With a background in family counseling and education, her public relations and communication strengths are proven assets in her position as General Manager.


A recent addition to the team at Skye Automation Inc. in the capacity of Industrial Automation Specialist. His experience in electrical and mechanical fields, coupled with his education in PLC and robotic programming, are welcome assets in meeting our company’s commitment to excellency in determining mechatronic solutions for our customers.

I had the good fortune of working with Skye during his tenure at Cowper. I was a Regional Sales Manager for one of Cowper’s principals – and Skye was the Product Manager for our technology. He rolled up his sleeves and taught himself the nuts-and-bolts of our product (servo systems) and how to interface it with other products on Cowper’s linecard. Given Skye’s hands-on approach, hard work, and a nice touch working with his colleagues and customers – he was a key player in building Cowper’s position as a major reseller for us. We were amazed and impressed with what he accomplished – and very grateful.

I have nothing but good words for Mr. Gorter. His customers & suppliers will benefit greatly from their relationship with Skye.

Dan Waksman

Regional Sales Manager at Puls North America, Electric Automation Specialist

Skye Automation Inc. is an automated solutions provider for controls, electro-mechanical, safety, machine vision and sensor applications. Representing a limited number of manufacturer’s offers us the opportunity to truly be specialists for these products. Offering our customers the highest degree of service and technical support.