Join us in shaping the future of industrial automation and changing the way production lines work.

Our Core Values

All-in-one Automation Destination

We handle every stage of automation, from conceptual design to system integration as well as testing and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), all in accordance with regulatory standards.

Enhanced Accuracy and Precision

Through our distinctive fusion of vision guidance and robotics, we deliver unparalleled accuracy and precision for automated systems.

Innovating Today, Shaping Tomorrow

We offer pioneering solutions to mold the future by leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering innovation in every sector imaginable.

Improving ROI and ACGR

We assist production lines in enhancing efficiency, maximizing return on investment, boosting annual growth rates, and notably cutting costs and lead times through process automation.

We take immense pride in Rachel Gorter, our co-founder and an exemplary Woman in STEM Leadership.

She serves as our director of finance and general manager, embodying authenticity and nobility in her role!

Our Corporation Culture 


Fair and just treatment of all co-workers within the organization, regardless of their gender, is our priority. We provide equal opportunities, equal pay, consistent policies, and avoid discrimination.


We have a wide range of backgrounds such as experiential, demographic, cognitive and skill diversity, as well as diverse identities, and perspectives within our organization.


Where everyone feels welcome, valued, respected, and empowered to fully participate and contribute.


A happy team is a productive team, and we strive to create an environment where every teammate feels valued, inspired, and engaged. This positive atmosphere not only enhances our co-workers' well-being but also drives our collective success and allows us to provide exceptional service to our customers.


Our team exhibit high IQ, allowing for innovative problem-solving and strategic thinking. Equally important is our emphasis on EQ, which fosters effective teamwork. By nurturing both IQ and EQ, we have created a dynamic and productive work environment where everyone contributes to our collective success.

Experience & Knowledge

we attribute our exceptional productivity to the rich experience and extensive knowledge of our team. The blend of seasoned experience and fresh knowledge fuels our productivity, driving us to deliver superior results and maintain a competitive edge in the market