Jeremy Kroeker
Jeremy Kroeker
Head of Mechanical Design
About Me

Jeremy received his BSc. and Msc. from Ryerson University in 2010 and 2015, respectively. He is a professional engineer (PEng) in in Canada. He ingeniously combines precision engineering with visionary creativity, crafting innovative solutions with unmatched expertise.

This past winter we were happy to welcome this talented designer to our team. It quickly became apparent that we found ourselves a keeper. We can’t decide whether or not Jeremy could be classified as a hipster. Engineers aren’t typically hipsters; although moving to the country and renovating an old farmhouse is a classic hipster move. Also, hipsters dig beards but the fact that his beard is so well-groomed negates this argument. And finally, he has laying hens- a total hipster move; however we have not yet seen him in a toque and his personal cleanliness is beyond reproach.